1. Nice one! When do we get the full “sonic screwdriver” review? How did you come by one of those?? Are you a Time Lord???

    1. I am not sure if I will review the sonic Screwdriver. I got it at the http://www.doctorwhoexperience.com/ in London last year. I wish I was a Time Lord.

  2. Nice, vid. How does it feel to draw with it? Does it feel like a actual pencil? Does it feel like you breaking the iPad screen? It is it convenient for quick sketch or detailing a drawing

    1. It feels more like a pen, does not feel like I will break the screen. I think it is good for both quick sketch and detailing a drawing

  3. OK … so you have unboxed the stylus … how about now drawing something and reporting on how that went? 😉

  4. Can we have a review plz?

  5. The review please.

  6. maybe it was so bad you don’t wanna review it

  7. Cool. Thanks for showing us what a pen looks like when you take it out of a box! I was a bit scared that they would ship us a sealed box but now it looks like there is confirmation that the box can be opened and we can actually take our pens out.

  8. Looks nice. I can’t wait to see what you can draw with it.

  9. Unboxing is fun and all, but what really matters is how well it actually functions. Please let us know.

  10. any new update on the drawing?

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